Frankie Liles vs. Tim Littles (2nd meeting)

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1996-06-08 : Frankie Liles 167¼ lbs beat Tim Littles 167 lbs by TKO at 2:58 in round 3 of 12

In the first round Liles almost KO'd Littles with a fierce barrage of punches that dropped the challenger for a 7 count. Tim was back on his feet, groggy, when the bell sounded ending the round a minute early! The early rest help him recuperate and he came out for the second looking to take the champion out. A heavy right hand had Liles in a lot of trouble but the follow-up blows did not connect enough to end matters. A low blow dropped Liles, and then in a heated exchange Littles was docked a point for hitting behind the head. Littles also sustained a cut on his left eye in this round.

Littles came back guns blazing but was dropped for the second time in the fight by a counter right hook and follow-up left-right combination. The third was even wilder than the previous rounds. Littles crashed home several big right hands on Liles' head and sent him through the ropes. Liles held on desperately, and tried to ride out the onslaught that Tim laid on him. Then just after Littles shook Liles again with a hard left hook, Liles responded with the fight ending bomb. This right hook sent Littles down for another seven count and the bout was stopped after Tim rose on shaky legs..