Gene Fullmer vs. Sugar Ray Robinson (4th meeting)

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Robinson lands a right against Fullmer

1961-03-04 : Gene Fullmer 159¾ lbs beat Sugar Ray Robinson 159¾ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • Fullmer was an 8-5 favorite.
  • The promoters planned to have a ring that was about 16 feet, 7 inches inside the ropes, but Robinson threatened to pull out of the fight unless they got a larger ring. Also, after the commission decided that the fighters would wear eight ounce gloves, Robinson threatened to withdraw if the gloves weren't changed. As a result of his threats, an 18-foot ring was brought in from Los Angeles by truck and six ounce gloves were flown in from the West Coast.
  • A crowd of 7,400 produced a gate of $140,000. There was an additional $150,000 from television.
  • Fullmer got 40% of the net gate and $60,000 of the television money. Robinson got 20% and $50,000.
  • Fullmer hurt Robinson late in the third round and battered him along the ropes. The beating continued 15 seconds after the bell because no one heard it.
  • Robinson opened a cut over Fullmer's left eye in the third round, and Fullmer cut Robinson over his left eye in the tenth.
  • Consternation struck both fighters and turned the Convention Center into a bedlam when the ring announcer misread the final decision and announced that Robinson had won. The mistake was soon corrected.
  • After the fight, Fullmer said, "I'm glad I was fighting this guy when he was over his prime."

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