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Name: George Arias
Born: 1974-04-21 (Age:41)
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 11½″   /   181cm
Boxing Record: click

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Trainer: Santo Arias


George Arias, 36, 1.82 inches, weighs 100 pounds, and trained in Education Physics in Unimesp-Fig.

The Champion began his boxing career at 17, is trained by his Holy Father Arias who was also fighting in the 60s. In 1992 debuted at CMTC club for the 1st time in the league champions Forge. How did 18 amateur fights, could be the tournament champion Kid Jofre in 1995 and the third placed in the Brazilian championship, where he was summoned to join the Brazilian team in the heavyweight category (up to 81 pounds).

Seeking to improve his fitness in 1994, George Arias began training Kick Boxing and participate in tournaments, had 16 fights getting titles Tri-Champion Super Cup tournament, and Tetra-Paulista Champion Tri-champion.

George Arias in professional boxing debut in October 1996 until now has 56 fights with 45 victories, 32 by knockout. He won the titles of Champion Paulo, Brazil, South American, Latin American cruiser category. He has also won titles in four Brazilian Champion Confederations Champion South American, Latin American Champion, Intercontinental and the Hispanic world-heavyweight division.

In 1998 he was considered the best fighter in Latin America by the WBO (World Boxing Organization), the best athlete in Brazil by the Federation of Boxing in 2000, and 2001.

He held the position of No 2 in the World Boxing Organization and the position of No 10 in the World Boxing Council.

He played a World Heavyweight Championship in England in 2001 on weight cruiser, where lost by points.

George Arias and the current Brazilian champion in the heavyweight category, where a record sum of 23 title fights in Brazil,

Titles Held as a Professional

Date Titles Held Professional Defenses Title Active Champion
6 2008 South American heavyweight
5 2007 WBC Mundo Hispano Inter-Continental Heavyweight
4 1998 South American cruiserweight
3 1998 Brazilian heavyweight
2 1998 Brazilian cruiserweight
1 1997 WBO Latino cruiserweight


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