George Foreman vs. Axel Schulz

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1995-04-22 : George Foreman 256 lbs beat Axel Schulz 221 lbs by MD in round 12 of 12


  • Foreman was a 6 to 1 favorite.
  • Foreman made $10 million. Schulz got $350,000.
  • Foreman landed 249 of 543 punches. Schulz landed 229 of 482.
  • In 2000, at former IBF president Bob Lee's racketeering trial, promoter Bob Arum testified that he agreed to pay $200,000 for the IBF to grant a special exemption to approve a title fight between Foreman and the unranked Schulz. $100,000 would be paid before the fight, and the other $100,000 would be paid after the fight. Arum said that he made the pre-fight payment but refused to make the post-fight payment after learning that Foreman had paid $250,000 to another IBF official. According to prosecutors, after Foreman won by a controversial decision, promoter Cedric Kushner paid the IBF to mandate a rematch. Foreman refused the rematch and vacated the IBF title.

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