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George Moore with Henry Armstrong (1944)

George P. Moore (1873 (est.)- January 31, 1958) was an African-American hotel owner in Portland. Moore was born in Leavenworth, Kansas, eventually moving to Portland, Oregon. He initially became involved in boxing in Portland in 1912. He would later be the promoter from 1919 to 1922 at the Milwaukie Arena, in Milwaukie, OR, USA (south of Portland). The Milwaukie Arena frequently featured nationally known fighters in its main events. Moore purportedly lost around $30,000 promoting shows, due to the high guarantees he paid out, despite the fact that he had gates in excess of $15,000. His most notable promotions were:

  • Jack Britton vs. Dave Shade (For the World Welterweight Title)
  • Harry Wills vs. Bill Tate (the two fought twice in Milwaukie)
  • Harry Wills vs. Sam Langford (final meeting in their rivalry)

Moore headed to New York in the spring of 1922 with Danny Edwards. He became the first to promote mixed-race bouts in New York City, after persuading New York Governor Miller to force NYSAC Chairman William Muldoon to break the color barrier. Moore returned to Portland in 1926, after a completely "shot" Edwards had returned to the Pacific Northwest.

From 1929 to 1930 Moore promoted in Portland. His most notable promotion in Portland was Primo Carnera's appearance against Sam Baker. He quit Portland after canceling one show at the last minute, when very few fans showed up. Moore then moved to Los Angeles in the early-1930s, continuing to manage boxers. He was one of the witnesses who testified to end Hollywood Legion Stadium's ban on African-American boxers in January 1940.

Moore became the manager of former world champion Henry Armstrong in 1942, and guided him through the last three years of his career. Moore would continue to be a manager in Los Angeles until his death in January 1958, at the age of 84.

Moore also managed many African-American fighters, including:

Miscellaneous Info

  • Moore had a son named Phil Moore (1918-87), who was a bandleader and composer for MGM. [1]


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