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Name: George Robinson
Born: 1892-00-00
Died: 1933-04-24 (Age:41)
Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
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According to an article in the Boston Herald (August 3, 1926), towards the end of Robinson's career, "the sight of his left eye was almost gone and that of his right was seriously effected." The initial injury to his left eye was suffered against Frank Moody in May of 1924. He sustained further damages against Tiger Flowers in November of that year, and within a few weeks of his last fight (a rematch with Moody in May of 1925), he was blind in both eyes.

He made baskets by hand to get by and was hopeful that an operation might restore the sight in his left eye.

Robinson ranked Kid Norfolk as the best fighter he ever faced, with Jeff Smith second. Of Norfolk, Robinson said, "I never had met a fighter like him before, and I never have since."

"I began to fight professionally after five amateur fights. My first professional bout was with Joe Brown. I won in three rounds and the next time out I fought Dick Kennard in a main bout at Marblehead That time it was a case of win or go to work, and I won. Perhaps I would be better off now if I had gone to work." - George Robinson

"George Robinson of 14 Rutland street, Cambridge, former Negro contender for the middleweight boxing championship of the world, died at the Massachusetts General Hospital yesterday of pneumonia. He had been blind eight years as a result of boxing injuries." - Boston Herald, April 25, 1933