George Shanklin

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George Shanklin (1918)

Name: George Shanklin
Birthplace: Ireland
Died: 1942-01-03
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington, USA
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George Thomas Shanklin, known in his day for his ever-present fedora hat and umbrella, promoted boxing shows in Tacoma, WA, USA, for some 27 years. According to the Tacoma News Tribune upon his death, he had come to Tacoma from San Francisco in 1890. He had been born in County Limerick, Ireland, and lived in Australia and New Zealand as a youngster.

Once in Tacoma, he helped form the third Eagles Lodge in the United States, and became the third President of this Lodge. He was also chairman of the Lodge's athletic committee. [1] Under the auspices of the Eagles, Shanklin promoted boxing from 1910 (featuring Jack Lester at Germania Hall) to 1937, when Will Maylon took over promotion. This was during the time that professional boxing was illegal in Washington state (up to early 1933), while "amateur" or bouts between "members" of private clubs were permissible. Many of Shanklin's Eagles' shows were held at Tacoma's Greenwich Coliseum, starting January 1, 1927. He was instrumental in giving future World Middleweight Champion Freddie Steele his early start.

Shanklin was Chairman of the Tacoma Athletic Commission, at least circa 1913.[2]

Mr. Shanklin died January 3, 1942 in Tacoma, after living 52 years in the city.

  • A 1919 George Shanklin Cartoon
  • Photo of Shanklin with Freddie Steele