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Gerson Guerrero vs. Enrique Quevedo

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2009-06-13 : Gerson Guerrero 115 lbs beat Enrique Quevedo 114¼ lbs by TKO at 1:45 in round 10 of 12

  • WBC Super Flyweight Title Eliminator
  • NABF Super Flyweight Title (Vacant title)
  • Time: 1:45


  • NABF title had been vacated by Raul Martinez.
  • The referee stops the bout in round 9, being of the view that Quevedo had received too much punishment, much to the dismay of Quevedo and the crowd, which roundly booed the decision.
  • Guerrero re-conquers the title he had been stripped of in July 2004.

Preceded by:
Martinez vs. Proa
NABF Super Flyweight Title Fight
# 24
Succeeded by:
Cabrera vs. Soto

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