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Gjennom Ringen is the title of an autobiography Norwegian boxer, and former World Bantamweight Champion, Pete Sanstol completed in 1957, during the time he had returned to live in Norway (1957-1960) with his new bride, Bessie.

In fact, Sanstol had written two versions of his memoirs: a short version and a long version, both entirely in Norwegian. But neither version was ever published, although edited excerpts were published in Vi Menn, a Norwegian magazine, in 1958.

These manuscripts were bequeathed to his eldest grandson upon Sanstol's death in 1982. In 2005, the grandson donated copies of these manuscripts to Lund Historie- og Ættesogelag--the Historical Society of Sanstol's birthplace. With much work, primarily by Society member Torbjørn Kjørmo, who contributed a "Forward," the Society published the long version of Sanstol's memoirs in June 2006. The Society appended a new chapter, at the very end of this book, called SANSTØL MOT BROWN I OSLO, which had been written years earlier by Sanstol's former sparring partner, John W. Wiksen, about their training together during the 1930s.

The book is 152 pages hard-bound, and is available from the Lund Historical Society for about US $32.00, or N.Kr 200. There are no plans for an English version at this time.