Glancey's Gym

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St. Paul, MN, USA

Glancey’s cavernous 14,000-square-foot building opened its doors in 1992 at the corner of Beech and Forest Streets on St. Paul’s East Side by Jim Glancey, then 65-years-old. He was a former amateur boxer. He spent some time in the United States Navy during World War II, went to college, married, had two daughters, and became a pipe insulator. After addressing his drinking problem, he starting hanging around boxing gyms.

After he retired from his job as a pipe insulator at the University of Minnesota, he decided to open his own gymnasium. He purchased the former Anderson Meat Company building. (Only later did he learn that former 1993 Golden Gloves champion Clyde Mudgett had perished in the building's chimney during a burglary.) The gym soon acquired a reputation for training amateur fighters. Silver Gloves national champions Allen Lizau and Jason Lizau trained here, as did Antonio Johnson.

Glancey’s Gym closed in May 2002.