Guts Ishimatsu vs. Ken Buchanan

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Guts Ishimatsu vs. Ken Buchanan.gif

1975-02-27 : Ken Buchanan 133¾ lbs lost to Guts Ishimatsu 135 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

"WBC lightweight champion Guts Ishimatsu of Japan closed challenger Ken Buchanan's previously injured left eye Thursday night with a 6th round flurry and went on to beat the Scot by a unanimous decision in a 15 round title bout at the Tokyo Municipal Gymnasium. Although Buchanan carried the fight with fast left jabs, he kept missing with his straight rights. Had he landed with his punch, he might have defeated Ishimatsu, who surprised observers with an unusual brilliant defensive battle as he managed to block Buchanan's right hand swings. Offensively, Ishimatsu began piling up points by scoring repeatedly with a left to the face, a left to the body and a right cross to the head. Buchanan tried desperately to score a knockout in the 14th and 15th rounds but he could not connect with his straight rights as Ishimatsu continually beat him to the punch to win the rounds." -United Press International

  • Unofficial UPI scorecard - 148-143 Ishimatsu
  • Buchanan claimed his left eye was injured, prior to the fight, by a thumb against a Japanese sparring partner

Post fight comments

  • "I could not see with the left eye from the 6th round. Ishimatsu is a strong fighter but I thought I was the winner because I landed the cleaner punches." -Ken Buchanan
  • "Buchanan had a good left but he hit me hard only once with his right in the 4th round. I was not sure I was the winner at the end of the 15th round. I thought it might be a draw." -Guts Ishimatsu