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Robert Ryan-Hal Fieberling

Name: Hal Fieberling
Alias: Hal Baylor, Hal Brittan
Born: 1918-12-10
Died: 1998-01-05 (Age:79)
Hometown: Oakland, California, USA
Height: 6′ 2″   /   188cm
Boxing Record: click

Career Review

Professional heavyweight boxer Hal Fieberling is best remembered for his acting role as Tiger Nelson in the boxing classic, The Set-Up.

Born Hal Brittan, Fieberling attended Washington State University on an athletic scholarship. At the school he became involved in boxing. His amateur boxing record which included college matches was 52-6 (26 knockouts). Some sources have listed Fieberling's professional record as 52-6, which is an error.

His great-great grandfather was the original founder of Baylor University. During World War II, Fieberling joined the United States Marine Corps. His combat experiences took him to the landings at Saipan and Tinian. He was awarded the Victory Medal World War II.

As a professional boxer, he held the heavyweight championship of California State. Internet Movie Database listed Fieberling's pro-record as 52-5, when in fact, this was his amateur record.

Fieberling started acting in 1948 and ended his career on screen in 1981. Changing his name to Hal Baylor, he is best remembered by film fans for his roles in The Set-Up,The Young Lions, and A Boy and His Dog.'

Hal Fieberling died on January 5, 1998, he was 79 years old.


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