Hank Kaplan's Boxing Digest: April 1981

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Cover: Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns

Articles include: Next Fight of the Century: Will It Ever Come Off? (about Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns), Bennie Briscoe at Twilight, The Great Prize Fight (about James J. Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons), S.T. Gordon Zooms in on Cruisers, Moe Fleischer: "Sellout Moe" Now Octogenarian, Bible Totin' Ralph Moncrief Keeps to the Faith, Champions Without Ammunition, Michael Spinks Poised For Crack at Title, Alexis Arguello Primes for Jim Watt, Jose (Pulga) Torres... The Mighty Flea, Edward (Ginger) Williams: The Pride of Visalia, Tyrone Rackley State Champ After Brutal Brawl, and Have You Noticed That...

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