Hank Kaplan's Boxing Digest: August 1981

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Cover: Wilfred Benitez and Maurice Hope

Articles include: Gerry Cooney's killer instinct almost fatal to Ken Norton, WBA - World Boxing Association or World of Bob Arum, Wilfred Benitez joins ranks of three title holders, Inactivity Bobby Chacon's enemy as Cornelius Boza Edwards retains title, A Day With Men of the Arena, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad a Heavyweight? Fat Chance., Marvin Camel Captures Cruiser Title, Alan Minter drops duke to Mustafa Hamsho, "Don't tell me people don't like violence (about Armando Muniz), Jose Luis Ramirez earns a token of respect, The Venetian Giant Primo Carnera and the Big Bad Irishman Pat Redmond, and A Trio of Champmakers (about Larry Soto, Memo Soto and Julio Flores).

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