Hank Kaplan's Boxing Digest: December 1981

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Cover: Alexis Arguello

Articles include: Salvador Sanchez Stuns Wilfredo Gomez in Battle of Titans, Juan La Porte Stuns Rocky Lockridge with USBA Tital at Stake, New York Officials Love Renaldo Snipes, Is Madison Square Garden Reaching Pain Threshold?, Mando Ramos: A Champ who Knew When to Say Goodbye, Marvin Camel Explodes the Cannon (Willie Shannon) in Third Heat, Chris Linson Crushes the Rock (Rocky Mosley Jr.) in One, Roberto Duran On Tough Road Toward Redemption, Alexis Arguello: Three-Time Champion of the World, Gonzalo Montellano Takes Aim at Lightweight Title, Fighters and Their Trainers Photo Collage, The Return of Tony Greene, Ray Heling: His Kind Boxing Could Never Do Without, The Wrong-Way Pigeons, and No Stop for The "Irish Express" (about Tony McMinn).

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