Hank Kaplan's Boxing Digest: October 1981

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Cover: Lupe Pintor and Jovito Rengifo

Articles include: Eddie Mustafa Muhammad: The Prisoner in Room 101, Why Isn't Manuel Ortiz in Hall of Fame?, "Double Dynamite" Not Without Black Eye (about Ray Mancini and James Tillis), Lupe Pintor Retains Bantam Title, Jimmy Young Returns!, Marvin Hagler-Vito Antuofermo Photo Montage, Greg Coverson: "Going All the Way", Salvador Sanchez Sharpens Tools for Wilfredo Gomez Epic, S.T. Gordon Forges To Top of Cruisers, Punches Failed to Crack Him Up... But Humor Did, Bobby Czyz and Bruce Johnson Play Starring Roles as Tampa Goes "Big Time", Heywood Storey: The Fighting Shadow Has A Message, One Fighter's Fight For Freedom (about Yakov Mesh), Ralph Gambina: His Life Was Boxing, Riotitis: A Felt Forum Syndrome, Seal Harris: A Tribute to Courage, and The Forgotten Kiss.

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