Hank Kaplan's Boxing Digest: September 1981

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Cover: Sugar Ray Leonard, Carlos Padilla (referee) and Wilfred Benitez

Articles include: The Lesson of Houston (about Sugar Ray Leonard), Larry Holmes Gets Some Respect, Sandy Saddler: General of the Mad Brawlers, Bruce Finch Retains Title at Showboat, Sugar Ray Leonard Not so Sweet, Remembering the Little Fighter with the Giant's Heart (about Johnny Coulon), There Are No "Losers" in NJOC (National Junior Olympic Competition) at Colorado Springs, Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns: Are They the Best?, Three Big Apple Clouters (about Mike Ayala, John LoCicero and Louis Hubela), Motor City: New Middleweight Country, Analysis of Larry Holmes-Leon Spinks Fight, Don Fraser: The Wizardry of Parnassus, He Had Only One Weakness (about Peter Maher), John Montes: Headed for Stardom, Howard Davis Jr. Emerges From Shell, and Bruce Strauss: The Mouse Returns to Harborage.

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