Hap Navarro

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Navarro as a young man

Hap Navarro born 5-19-1919 Los Angeles was the matchmaker at Hollywood Legion Stadium between 1953 and 1955. He had been hired in at the Legion on Sept. 16, 1948 to replace the club's Publicity Director, Dean Snyder, who was one of the most respected men in the business for many years. But Snyder was a friend of Navarro's father, and he had known Hap since the latter was 15-years-old. So, when Navarro refused to replace him, the Stadium Manager named Navarro the Assistant Matchmaker, and had him apply to the California State Athletic Commission for a Matchmaker's license. Navarro held that job for three years under both Baron Henry von Stumme and Cal Working. Only Charlie McDonald was Matchmaker at the Legion Stadium more years than Navarro, although much of Navarro's time was as an Assistant Matchmaker.

Navarro is also a boxing historian, writer, and an expert on California boxing history. He currently posts on the California History section on the Cyber Boxing Zone EZ Board Forum.