Harry (Kid) Matthews vs. Watson Jones

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1950-05-04 : Harry Matthews 174 lbs beat Watson Jones 181 lbs by KO in round 3 of 10

  • Location: Armory, Tacoma, Washington, USA
  • Referee: Davey Ward
  • Weights: Jones 181, Matthews 174
  • Jones testified under oath in 1956 that he threw this fight, on orders from Olympic Auditorium matchmaker Babe McCoy.
Operating like an old pro, Harry (Kid) Matthews, Seattle challenger to the lightheavy title, knocked out Watson Jones of Los Angeles in the third round of their scheduled 10-rounder on Emmett Angle's show at the Armory.
For the first two rounds, Matthews worked carefully, moving in steadily, looking for the spot. It was not until the third, though, that he found it against the experienced Jones.
Then with a hard left jab he got Jones off balance, followed with a straight, stiff left which set up his opponent. Then he whacked over the right that was the finish. The punch spun Jones around, dropped him, good. The Negro boy tried to push himself up as Referee Davey Ward tolled over him. He couldn't make it. If he had, it would have been no use. He was up against a superior workman in this business of fighting.
The first two rounds of the fight were somewhat desultory. Matthews stalked Jones about the ring, whacking him about the body, trying to bring him out of his crouch. The only offensive effort Jones made was in the second, when he tossed a right, which Harry turned with. Jones connected with another, which Harry justed grimaced off. Then came the third. Harry set Watson up. Then the customers started leaving. A clean kayo.

Tacoma News Tribune