Harry Greb vs. Gene Tunney (5th meeting)

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Harry Greb, Referee George Barton and Gene Tunney

1925-03-27 : Harry Greb 167½ lbs lost to Gene Tunney 181 lbs by NWS in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Auditorium, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
  • Referee: George Barton

Tunney Gives Greb Worst Beating Champ Ever Received
Associated Press, March 28, 1925

Whatever doubt existed as to the superiority of Gene Tunney, American light heavyweight champion, over Harry Greb, former holder of the title, was dispelled today as a result of Tunney's decisive victory over the world's middleweight titleholder here last night.

Tunney gave Greb as thorough a beating as he has ever received. So completely was Greb outclassed and outfought in six of the ten rounds that he resorted to a defensive fight after the third and thereafter was guilty of persistent holding and stalling, varied only by a rare flash of offensive fighting, which Tunney quickly terminated by a devastating body attack.

Tunney concentrated his fire almost entirely on Greb's heart and body, landing with deadly accuracy and telling effort. To Greb's credit, he showed remarkable assimilative powers in standing up under Tunney's vicious attacks.

After a flashy start, Greb went on the defensive and let entire rounds go by without making more than a weak show of attack, without landing a decisive punch, even on those rare occasions when he undertook to do the leading.

Greb, with a reputation of a thousand punches, used all of them last night in attempting to smother Tunney's body attack and wasted at least a thousand of them.

Apparently discouraged by his failure to land and alarmed over Tunney's power and persistence, Greb thought only of protecting himself and resorted to holdings that brought warnings from the referee and boos from the crowd.

Tunney fought a clever, vicious and an intense fight. His left hooks to the body seldom missed and his occasional use of short rights to the body and jaw scored whenever he cut these blows loose. It is doubtful that the bounding Greb, rated as one of the most elusive boxers in the ring, ever received so many solid blows in any given ten rounds.


  • There was a capacity crowd of around 9,000.
  • The consensus among the newspaper reporters at ringside was that Tunney won six of the ten rounds. Some had Tunney winning eight rounds to two.
  • "That's the last time I'll fight this guy," Greb told Referee George Barton in his dressing room after the fight. "He's getting too big and too strong for me to handle. I could lick him at one time but not anymore. Tunney is really getting good."

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