Harry Greb vs. Mickey Walker

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1925-07-02 : Harry Greb 159 lbs beat Mickey Walker 152 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

  • Location: Polo Grounds, New York, New York, USA
  • Referee: Eddie Purdy

World Middleweight Title

This card appears to have been postponed from June 19. It also featured Harry Wills against Charley Weinert, and Dave Shade vs. Jimmy Slattery. It was a benefit show for the Italian Hospital Fund. The gate realized $375,000.

Damon Runyon reported this fight as being close, with Walker out-fighting Greb in the fifteenth:

"One tremendous splurge of wild fighting in the 14th round, during which he had Mickey Walker tipsy and teetering from his smashing punches, probably saved the title of middleweight champion for Harry Greb, the "Pittsburgh Windmill" here tonight. Walker made a determined attack on the the "Windmill's" body, round after round, and frequently hurt him with left hooks to the stomach and under the heart. Greb took a lead in the early rounds, loafed a bit and had been lagging along a bit behind up to the 14th when he suddenly clipped Walker on the chin with a swinging right that dazed the fighting Irishman from New Jersey. Walker backed into his own corner as Greb emptied every punch in his locker on him. Walker outfought Greb in the 15th and last round but Greb had offset anything Walker might now do. There was little demonstration as Joe Murphy, the veteran announcer, raised Greb's soaking glove." -Universal Service (reported by Damon Runyon)