Heart Punch

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  • 1915 10-minute silent movie starring Jess Willard, with Jack Curley
  • Plot (from IMDb): After an all day fruitless search for work, Jess returns home and informs his wife of his non-success. Later that evening in a saloon be becomes involved in a fight, and Jack Gordon (Tom Jones), a sporting promoter, is impressed with Jess' physical prowess. Inviting Jess to his home, Gordon tells Jess that if he put himself in Gordon's hands that he would make him a champion. Jess agrees, Jess does not inform his wife of his plans with Gordon. Later, in training, he astonishes the spectators by his rapid progress so much that he signs a contract to meet a celebrated heavyweight. Jess' wife is reading a newspaper of the death of a pugilist. One evening Jess'young daughter picks from his pocket the articles of the contract for the fight, which she shows to her mother. She pleads with Jess not to fight. Jess, thinking of their need for money, gives her no definite promises. The baby's health has been failing, and on the night of the fight the little one's condition turns critical. Torn between his obligation to Gordon to fulfill his contract and his yearning to remain with his sick baby, he finally decides to fight. In the right, Jess' skills triumph. Hastily putting his street clothes on, Jess runs home and finds that his baby is still alive. In the morning the crisis passes and he pledges his word to his wife that this would be his last fight.
  • IMDb.com link: [1]