Hector Camacho vs. Greg Haugen (1st meeting)

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1991-02-23 : Greg Haugen 139 lbs beat Hector Camacho 140 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


  • Camacho had to spend seven hours exercising and taking steam baths to make the 140-limit for the weigh-in.
  • Haugen was dropped in round three with a right hook to the chin.
  • Haugen tested positive for marijuana after the fight. The Nevada State Athletic Commission fined him $25,000 and ordered him to undergo drug counseling.

Costly point deduction

The crucial moment in Hector Camacho's loss of his World Boxing Organization junior welterweight title against Greg Haugen came down to an impromptu decision by the bout's referee, Carlos Padilla.

At the start of the 12th and final round, Padilla watched and waited for the fighters to touch gloves, as boxing protocol dictates.

Camacho extended his gloves but Haugen was disinclined to reciprocate, even when Padilla urged him to. That led Camacho to throw a punch at Haugen, and Padilla to decide this was a breach of conduct. He instructed the three judges to penalize Camacho a point.

The 1-point deduction turned out to be pivotal in the final result. Judge Bill McConkey scored the bout 114-112 for Haugen, judge Dalby Shirley scored it 114-112 for Camacho, and judge Art Lurie had it 114-113 in Haugen's favor. Had Camacho not been penalized the point, Lurie's scorecard would have read, 114-114, and the bout would have been declared a draw, with Camacho retaining his title.


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