Hector Camacho vs. Ray Mancini

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Camacho dodges a right from Mancini

1989-03-06 : Hector Camacho 140 lbs beat Ray Mancini 139 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 116-112 Camacho
  • Unofficial LA Times scorecard: 115-113 Camacho
  • WBO Junior Welterweight Title (Vacant inaugural title)
  • Photo #1, Photo #2


  • This was Mancini's first fight in four years.
  • Both boxers made over $1.2 million.
  • There was a sellout crowd of 11,517.
  • The fight was televised live on closed circuit and pay-per-view television.
  • Sports Illustrated reported: "Camacho was the 3-to-1 favorite, though hardly with the crowd. The fans hooted him from the moment he stepped into the ring. Camacho answered by dancing in circles, dressed in a red matador hat with earlike protuberances, gold-sequined trunks, overskirt and shoes. He looked like a cross between Midas and Mickey Mouse. Mancini chased him from the start, pressuring him. Camacho peppered away with his right jab, consistently the most effective punch thrown by either man all night. But to the crowd's displeasure, Camacho also ran, backpedaling and sidestepping the pressure. Mancini made what there was of the fight, with hard overhand rights and body shots, but he lacked precision in his punches and never did real damage. Tiring in the later rounds, Camacho stopped running and started tying Mancini up, and that turned what had been a boring fight into an unsightly one. When it was over, each man went to his corner thinking he had won."