Helms Boxing Hall of Fame

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

Boxing hall of fame located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also known as the Helms/Citizen Savings Boxing Hall of Fame (one of many sports halls in the Citizens Savings Hall of Fame and Athletic Museum). It was one of the four boxing halls of fame of an international nature. (There have been, and are, many regional boxing halls of fame.)

This Hall was started in 1949 and had inducted 71 people by 1977. It had two membership categories: "Boxer" and "Noteworthy Contributor." It was located in Los Angeles, California, but became defunct around 1980. (It is sometimes said this hall was located in Philadelphia.) It had a collection of books and periodicals that is now housed at the Amateur Athletic Foundation Sports Library in Los Angeles.

In 1954 Nat Fleischer started Ring Magazine's Boxing Hall of Fame, which became more widely recognized than the Helms Hall of Fame. Today, the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame are the two recognized international Boxing Halls of Fame.

Inductees into the Helms Hall of Fame include: