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McIntosh-Kost fight

Name: Vernon McIntosh
Alias: Sledgehammer
Born: 1949-04-03
Birthplace: Harris Neck, Georgia, USA
Hometown: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 11½″   /   182cm
Boxing Record: click

Career Review

Vernon McIntosh was one of the most popular drawing cards on Miami Beach during the 1970s. He was a one-punch knockout artist who threw caution to the wind.

McIntosh was trained by the legendary Moe Fliescher, yet it seems that Fliescher was slow in teaching his fighter the finer points in defense. After McIntosh had already fought 13 fights, Fliescher commented in Boxing Illustrated, I don't have to teach this kid to attack. He wants to fight from the bell. As soon as I teach him to defend himself, he will become a good fighter and a dangerous one."

Local fans flocked to McIntosh's fights, as it was a brawl for the opening bell. However, it was clear that he was overmatched and unskilled in defensive skills. McIntosh suffered knockout defeats to lightheavyweight champion Bob Foster and lightheavyweight contenders Billy Wagner, Jerry Evans, and Mike Quarry. However, with his knockout power, McIntosh sometimes came up with an upset. His best victories were knockouts over contenders Florentino Fernandez and Jerry Evans.

Tough fights took their toll on McIntosh, and by his mid-20s he was finished. Florida fans wonder if McIntosh had been brought along slowly, trained properly in defensive skills, and never matched against heavyweights, if this hard-punching slugger would have been a champion.

Vernon states that he also sparred with legendary fighter Muhammad Ali, several times during the 1970's. He further states that he also sparred with Jimmy Young, Jimmy Ellis, Dwane Bobick, Bob Foster and Renaldo "Mister" Snipes.

According to Vernon he had a total of 46 professional fights and 15 losses.