Kurt Stroer

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Name: Kurt Stroer
Born: 1939-03-05
Birthplace: Weilbach, Bayern, Germany
Hometown: Weilbach, Bayern, Germany
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Officiating Record: Judge
Officiating Record: Referee

  • Inactive 1967.
  • In 1987, Kurt Stroer became a referee and official on the European pro scene. Kurt Stroer is well known in the German boxing community for his social work and care for ex-boxers who have fallen on bad times. In a 2007 interview Stroer told of his frequent visits to ex- professional and Alzheimer's victim Karl Heinz Brunnholz. Stroer described himself as fit and well, "thank God " after a 38 fight career where he met the likes of Billy Walker,Lennart Risberg, Ivan Prebeg and Lars Olof Norling. Source: German boxing writer Horst Gauss website www.horst-gauss.de, " Das traurige leben des boxer " which is a portrait in German of Brunnholz' fate.