Tally Disoloane

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Name: Tally Disloane
Alias: Green Mamba
Born: 1977-00-00
Died: 2006-12-15 (Age:29)
Hometown: Mamelodi, Gauteng, South Africa
Boxing Record: click

Tally Disoloane, known as the Green Mamba, fell into a coma after his October 1, 2006 fight with Thompson Mokwana and eventually passed away on December 16, 2006. Disoloane was knocked through the ropes in the third round, falling between two tables and onto a concrete floor, which may have played a factor in his eventual death. Referee Len Hunt claimed that he could find no injuries from the fall, and that Disoloane had come back to fight well in the fourth round before being knocked out in the fifth. Hunt was cleared of any misconduct in the death of the fighter.