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Fred Ucci’s boxing career began in 1949 when at the early age of 14 he entered a program at the White Plains County Center. After a few years of ring combat and winner of the Westchester Amateur Light-Heavyweight boxing Championship in 1942, Fred joined the Navy to serve his country in WWII. He served there and in the Marine Corps for a total of 8 years, honorably discharged from both branches of service. While he was in the service, he won the All Navy Heavyweight Championship, the All Marine Corps Heavyweight Championship, and the All Service Heavyweight Throne. He represented the U.S. Marine Corps in the 1948 Olympic Trials, reaching the quarter finals, when he had to retire with a broken thumb.

His first 36 fights were all wins. As an amateur and professional he boxed 83 fights winning 80 with 40 knockouts.

Fred was a professional boxing referee and judge with the NY State Athletic Commission for 30 years.