Jack Downey

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Name: Jack Downey
Birth Name: George Bernard Downey
Born: 1887-05-31
Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, USA
Died: 1954-02-28 (Age:66)
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Height: 5′ 9″   /   175cm
Boxing Record: click

Officiating Record: Judge
Officiating Record: Referee

Jack Downey was in some exhibition bouts January 18, 1913. [1]. Sometimes he was confused with Jack Downs.

According to the book, Gold of the Diamond: Sacramento's Great Baseball Players, 1886 to 1976, by Alan O'Connor, George B. "Jack" Downey was the trainer for a professional baseball team in Pacific Coast League, the Sacramento Senators or Solons from the early 1920s to 1948.

According to various records found on the Ancestry.com website, Downey had a wife, Anna, and a daughter, Evelyn. Before becoming a baseball trainer, Downey worked as a cigar maker.