Ted (Mustang) Garcia

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Name: Ted Garcia
Alias: Mustang Garcia
Born: 1917-02-06
Died: 2008-03-11 (Age:91)
Hometown: Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA
Boxing Record: click

Ted Garcia was the son of a Mexican mother and a Crow Indian father. He was generally billed as being a Blackfoot Indian, because he was born close to the Blackfoot Indian reservation and his first manager thought Blackfoot would look better in print than Crow.

From The Ring, Oct., 1941, "News of Texas", by Bill Davee (as edited): "The wild hardhitting Mustang, Indian lightweight fighting out of Galveston, set some sort of an endurance record when he subbed on 24 hours' notice, drove from Galveston to New Orleans (400 miles) and arriving a few hours before fight time, took the measure of Russell Gonzales, classy Filipino battler. Garcia immediately drove back to Corpus Christi, Texas, (600 miles) arriving there only two hours before his scheduled fight and went on to blast out an eight-round knockout victory over the very capable Joe Mendoza."