IBHOF: 1994 Induction

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MODERN ERA (Last bout no earlier than 1943)
Jackie (Kid) Berg | Joey Maxim | Michael Spinks | Carlos Zarate

OLD-TIMER (Last bout no earlier than 1893 and no later than 1943)
John Henry Lewis | Philadelphia Jack O'Brien | Jack Sharkey | Pancho Villa

PIONEER (Last bout in or prior to 1892)
Benjamin Brain | Paddy Duffy

NON-PARTICIPANT (Contributions to the sport apart from roles as boxers or observers. Based upon a candidates achievements and contributions in their particular field)
Chris Dundee | Eddie Futch | Ruby Goldstein | Sam Taub

Induction Weekend: June 9 - 12

Hall of Famers Attending: Carmen Basilio | Bob Foster | Joe Frazier | Gene Fullmer | Eddie Futch | Joey Giardello | Emile Griffith | Joey Maxim | Archie Moore | Ken Norton | Ruben Olivares | Carlos Ortiz | Willie Pep | Sandy Saddler | Michael Spinks | Carlos Zarate

Non-Hall of Famers Attending: Billy Backus | Livingstone Bramble | George Chuvalo | Tony DeMarco | Doug DeWitt | Dick DiVeronica | Larry Holmes | Butch Lewis | Buster Mathis Jr. | Michael Moorer | Carlos Palomino | Aaron Pryor | Leon Spinks | Bert Sugar | Jose Torres

Parade Grand Marshal: John Amos

Weekend Notes: Michael Spinks and Carlos Zarate are the third and fourth fighters to be elected in their first year of eligibility. Carlos Zarate becomes the fourth Mexican fighter inducted. Ringside lectures were given by Aaron Pryor, Butch Lewis, Ruben Olivares, Michael Spinks, Bert Sugar, Emile Griffith, and Leon Spinks.

Weekend Schedule:

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