IBHOF: 2008 Induction

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MODERN ERA (Last bout no earlier than 1943)
Larry Holmes* | Eddie Perkins | Holman Williams

OLD-TIMER (Last bout no earlier than 1893 and no later than 1943)
Len Harvey | Frank Klaus | Harry Lewis

PIONEER (Last bout in or prior to 1892)
Dan Donnelly

NON-PARTICIPANT (Contributions to the sport apart from roles as boxers or observers. Based upon a candidates achievements and contributions in their particular field)
Bill Gore | Mogens Palle | Frank Warren

OBSERVER (Print and media journalists, publishers, writers, historians, photographers and artist)
Dave Anderson | Joe Koizumi

Induction Weekend: June 5 - 8

IBHOF Recap: click

Hall of Famers Attending: Dave Anderson | Alexis Arguello | Bob Arum | Carmen Basilio | Michael Carbajal | Jeff Chandler | Don Chargin | Gil Clancy | Angelo Dundee | Lou Duva | Gene Fullmer | Emile Griffith | Marvin Hagler | Larry Holmes | Joe Koizumi | Ruben Olivares | Carlos Ortiz | Mogens Palle | J. Russell Peltz | Eddie Perkins | Aaron Pryor | Emanuel Steward | Bert Sugar | Jose Torres | Frank Warren | Pernell Whitaker

Non-Hall of Famers Attending: Harry Arroyo | Billy Backus | Livingstone Bramble | Hector Camacho | Nate Campbell | George Chuvalo | Gerry Cooney | Steve Cunningham | Chad Dawson | Dick DiVeronica | James (Buster) Douglas | Steve Farhood | Shaun George | Ron Lyle | Paul Malignaggi | Peter Manfredo Jr. | Christy Martin | Lee Roy Murphy | Cory Spinks | Leon Spinks | Marlon Starling | Ernie Terrell | Chazz Witherspoon

Parade Grand Marshal: Pat Cooper and Ed (Too Tall) Jones

Weekend Notes: Larry Holmes becomes the eighteenth fighter to be elected in their first year of eligibility. Ringside lectures were given by Ruben Olivares, Marlon Starling, Christy Martin, Aaron Pryor, Ron Lyle, Michael Carbajal, James (Buster) Douglas, Paul Malignaggi, Gerry Cooney and Angelo Dundee & Bert Sugar.

The Hall of Fame Grounds was transformed into training headquarters for many of today's stars. For two days world champions Steve “USS" Cunningham and Nate Campbell; former champions Hector “Macho” Camacho and Christy Martin; and heavyweight prospect “Gentleman” Chazz Witherspoon all put on an exciting workout sessions that included mitt work, shadow boxing, speed bag and sparring.

Boxing fans had the unique opportunity to get their copy of recently released boxing books autographed by both the subject and authors. Among the special book signings that took place throughout the weekend festivities included Carmen Basilio autographing copies of The Onion Picker: Carmen Basilio and Boxing in the 1950s, Angelo Dundee and Bert Sugar autographing My View From The Corner: A Life in Boxing, and Emile Griffith and Ron Ross autographing Nine, Ten and Out: The Two Worlds of Emile Griffith.

Weekend Schedule:

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