IBHOF: 2011 Induction

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MODERN ERA (Last bout no earlier than 1943)
Julio Cesar Chavez* | Kostya Tszyu* | Mike Tyson*

OLD-TIMER (Last bout no earlier than 1893 and no later than 1943)
Memphis Pal Moore | Jack Root | Dave Shade

PIONEER (Last bout in or prior to 1892)
John Gully

NON-PARTICIPANT (Contributions to the sport apart from roles as boxers or observers. Based upon a candidates achievements and contributions in their particular field)
Ignacio Beristain | A.F. Bettinson | Joe Cortez

OBSERVER (Print and media journalists, publishers, writers, historians, photographers and artist)
Harry Carpenter | Sylvester Stallone

Induction Weekend: June 9 - 12

IBHOF Recap: [1]

Hall of Famers Attending: Julio Cesar Chavez | Kostya Tszyu | Mike Tyson | Ignacio Beristain | Joe Cortez | Sylvester Stallone | Carmen Basilio | Carlos Ortiz | Ruben Olivares | Marvin Hagler | Aaron Pryor | Ken Norton | Gene Fullmer | Jake LaMotta | Don Chargin | J. Russell Peltz | Bert Sugar | Angelo Dundee | Lou Duva | Stanley Christodoulou | Jeff Fenech | Brian Mitchell | Michael Carbajal | Pipino Cuevas | Ricardo Lopez | Carlos Zarate | Humberto Gonzalez | Barry McGuigan | Azumah Nelson | Jose Sulaiman | Bob Arum | Don King | Larry Hazzard | Wilfried Sauerland

Non-Hall of Famers Attending: Livingstone Bramble | Marlon Starling | Leon Spinks | Jesse James Leija | John H. Stracey | Billy Backus | George Chuvalo | Al Bernstein | Sergio Gabriel Martinez | Erik Morales | Jimmy Lennon Jr. | Marco Antonio Barrera | Vinny Pazienza

Parade Grand Marshal: Micky Ward and Dick Ecklund

Weekend Notes: . Julio Cesar Chavez, Kostya Tszyu and Mike Tyson became the twentieth, twenty first and twenty second fighters to be elected in their first year of eligibility. Kostya Tszyu became the first Russian fighter to be inducted. Mexican Fiesta Night – The Hall of Fame celebrated the proud tradition of Mexico’s boxing history. The evening featured video highlights and speeches from such luminaries as Chavez, Cuevas, Lopez, Zarate, Gonzalez, Morales, Beristain and Sulaiman. Jimmy Lennon Jr. recounted the many Mexican boxing bouts and stars he admired and announced during his career.

Weekend Schedule:

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