IBHOF: 2012 Induction

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MODERN ERA (Last bout no earlier than 1943)
Thomas Hearns* | Mark Johnson* | Cocoa Kid

OLD-TIMER (Last bout no earlier than 1893 and no later than 1943)
Newsboy Brown | Leo Houck | Jake Kilrain

PIONEER (Last bout in or prior to 1892)
James Wharton

NON-PARTICIPANT (Contributions to the sport apart from roles as boxers or observers. Based upon a candidates achievements and contributions in their particular field)
Michael Buffer | Hugh McIntosh | Freddie Roach | Rip Valenti

OBSERVER (Print and media journalists, publishers, writers, historians, photographers and artist)
Al Bernstein | Michael Katz

Induction Weekend: June 7 - 10

IBHOF Recap: [1]

Hall of Famers Attending: Thomas Hearns | Mark Johnson | Carmen Basilio | Carlos Ortiz | Ruben Olivares | Marvin Hagler | Sugar Ray Leonard | Aaron Pryor | Terry Norris | Don Chargin | Joe Cortez | Wilfried Sauerland | Michael Buffer | Freddie Roach | Al Bernstein | Michael Katz

Non-Hall of Famers Attending: Marlon Starling | Leon Spinks | Micky Ward | Dick Ecklund | Sugar Ray Seales | Billy Backus | George Chuvalo | Gerry Cooney | Michael Moorer | Ray Mercer | Chuck Wepner | John Mugabi | James (Buddy) McGirt | Antonio Tarver | Jesse James Leija | Kevin Kelley | Sharmba Mitchell | Hilario Zapata | Donny Lalonde | Lamon Brewster | Joe Mesi | Yoan Pablo Hernandez | Cecilia Braekhus | Robert Helenius | Reggie Johnson | John Scully

Parade Grand Marshal: Desmond Howard

Weekend Notes: Thomas Hearns and Mark Johnson became the twenty third and twenty fourth fighters to be elected in the first year of eligibility. Heavyweight Bash – The Hall of Fame celebrated the heavyweight division with an evening featuring video highlights and speeches from such heavy hitters as Lamon Brewster, Gerry Cooney, George Chuvalo, Ray Mercer, Chuck Wepner, Michael Moorer and Leon Spinks. The Hall also paid tribute to late Hall of Famer Bert Sugar who covered so many heavyweight title bouts. A note from Sugar’s family was read and a pair of his famous madras patchwork pants were donated to the Hall. Legendary trainer of Muhammad Ali, Angelo Dundee, who passed away in February at age 90, was also acknowledged. His son, Jimmy presented Hall director Ed Brophy with the white corner man’s jacket his father wore throughout his Hall of Fame career for Museum display.

Weekend Schedule:

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