IBHOF: 2013 Induction

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MODERN ERA (Last bout no earlier than 1943)
Arturo Gatti* | Virgil Hill* | Myung-Woo Yuh

OLD-TIMER (Last bout no earlier than 1893 and no later than 1943)
Wesley Ramey | Jeff Smith

PIONEER (Last bout in or prior to 1892)
Joe Coburn

NON-PARTICIPANT (Contributions to the sport apart from roles as boxers or observers. Based upon a candidates achievements and contributions in their particular field)
Arturo Hernandez | Mills Lane | Jimmy Lennon Jr.

OBSERVER (Print and media journalists, publishers, writers, historians, photographers and artist)
Ted Carroll | Colin Hart

Induction Weekend: June 6 - 9

IBHOF Recap:

Hall of Famers Attending:

Non-Hall of Famers Attending:

Parade Grand Marshal:

Weekend Notes: Arturo Gatti and Virgil Hill became the twenty fifth and twenty sixth fighters to be elected in the first year of eligibility.

Weekend Schedule:

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