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Name: Ibrahim Kamal
Alias: Firearm
Birth Name: Ibrahim Salaheldin Kamal
Born: 1985-02-04
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 5′ 8″   /   173cm
Boxing Record: click

IBRAHIM SALAH EL-DIN KAMAL was born in East York, Ontario but quickly moved to Tripoli, Lybia, as his father got a job teaching Physical Education in Al-Fatah University. Ibrahim like many youngsters took up the sport of boxing to protect himself. He was the victim of bullying in school while living in Libya.

His father, Salah using a pad made from an old pillow and a wooden board taught Ibrahim the basic punches and techniques needed to ward off his school mates. Salah boxed briefly when living in Egypt so he was very confident in his teaching abilities and knew the positive impact it could have on his son’s life. He made the training fun by came up with a great way to motivate his young son.

He would have Ibrahim hit the pad as hard as he could, then rewarding each strike with a number based on how well he had done. Needless to say he wasn’t picked on for much longer. The bullying stopped and Ibrahim flourished in his surroundings.

There were no boxing gyms in Lybia so training was done mostly with his dad around the house. When returning to Canada at age 9, Ibrahim and his dad found a boxing gym in Scarborough called the “Scarborough Boxing Academy” which was run by Frank Bullard. This was where “Firearm” Kamal was born and the quest for greatness truly began.

Firearm Kamal went on to travel the world representing Canada with pride as a part of the National Team. He proved year after year that he was the best there was in Canada winning the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 National Titles. Traveling to countries like Poland, Hungary, Italy, China, Australia, England, Denmark, Trinidad to name a few, Kamal quickly started to gain international recognition. Kamal was known to be amongst the top at competition such as the Boxing World Championships, Pam American Games, Olympic Qualifier’s and many North American Tournaments.

Ibrahim Kamal is not just a Canadian Champion; he is a mentor and pillar within his community. He is a regular speaker at Mosques throughout the greater Toronto Area speaking to young Muslims about the importance of hard work, belief and commitment to ones dreams. In 2009, he helped found the Toronto based charity Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization (MJKO) in which he acts as a mentor for youth at risk. Many kids within the MJKO charity come from Toronto’s toughest neighbors and are faced with gangs, bullying and poverty. Firearm not only teaches them how to box but that boxing can raise them up out of poverty and fear, into a world travelers.

It was in January of 2011 that Mr. Kamal announced that he was ready to take on his new challenge of Professional Boxing. Since his announcement back in January of this year he has been considered Canada’s Most Feared Lightweight. All professional matches have had foreign opponents as currently no Canadian is willing to accept a challenge against him. Kamal continues to prove to the world that he is the best. He’ll continue to chase his dream of bringing the World Title back to the City of Toronto

Career Highlights


Canadian Championships, GOLD 60kg

Cuadrangular Internacional de Boxeo, Venezuela GOLD 60kg

Pan American Championships, Mexico, 5th Canada vs. Mexico, GOLD

World Championships, Italy.


Canadian Championships, GOLD 60kg

Olympic Qualifier, Trinidad, 5th

Olympic Qualifier, Guatemala, 5th

Canada vs. Poland, Canada, GOLD

Canada vs. Poland, Canada, GOLD


Canadian Championships, GOLD 60kg

Pan American Games Qualifier, Argentina, BRONZE

Pam American Games, 5th

4 Nations Cup St. Catherine’s, Canada, GOLD

World Championships


Canadian Championships, GOLD 60kg

Commonwealth Games, Australia, 9th

Mayors Cup, Canada vs. Usa, GOLD

Canada vs. Scotland, GOLD

Copenhagen Bx Cup, Denmark, GOLD


Canadian Championships, GOLD 60kg

Ken Goff Memorial Canada vs USA, GOLD

Multi Nationals, Liverpool, England, Silver

Canada vs. England, GOLD

World Senior Boxing Championship, 9th


Canadian Seniors Championships, Bronze 57 kg

Canada vs. Ireland, Gold


Canada Games,57KG Gold

Michala Szepena International Tournament Poland GOLD


Canadian U19 National Championships, GOLD 57 kg

Michala Szepena International Tournament Poland GOLD

Balaton Cup, International Tournament, Hungary, Gold

U19 World Championship, 16


Canadian U17 National Championships, GOLD 54 kg