Igor Vysotsky

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Vysotsky (right) with Teofilo Stevenson

Igor Vysotsky was an amateur boxer from Russia, best known for twice defeating Teofilo Stevenson. He was the USSR Heavyweight Champion in 1978 and had a record of 161-24.

Vysotsky first fought Stevenson in July 1973, defeating the Cuban by a 3-2 decision. Their second and final meeting was in April 1976. Vysotsky stopped Stevenson in the third round.

Shortly before the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Vysotsky was badly cut in a sparring session, which prevented his participation (cuts were a problem for Vysotsky throughout his career). The Cubans didn't know about the injury and sent two heavyweight representatives to Montreal, Stevenson and Milyano Romero. If Vysotsky had participated in the Olympics, Stevenson would have been an alternate.

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