Ike Quartey vs. Vince Phillips

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1996-04-12 : Ike Quartey 147 lbs beat Vince Phillips 147 lbs by TKO at 2:31 in round 3 of 12


Punch Stats
Total Punches Quartey Phillips
Landed 151 92
Thrown 246 321
Pct. 61% 29%
  • Ike Quartey 31-0 (27 KOs) vs. Vince Phillips 33-1 (22 KOs)
  • Fight was on the undercard of Pernell Whitaker vs. Wilfredo Rivera (1st meeting).
  • The fight took place outdoors with the ring surrounded by palm trees.
  • Phillips entered ranked # 10 by the WBA.
  • It was the earliest defeat of Phillips' professional career.
  • Through two rounds HBO's Harold Lederman scored the bout 20-18 in favor of Quartey.
  • According to punchstat numbers Quartey threw 98 power punches in the fight and landed 75%.

Bout Summary

A fan-friendly opening round saw both men punch at a high volume. Quartey worked well with his trademark jab and straight right hand and looked to make Phillips pay to get in close. According to the broadcast, Quartey landed 60% of his punches in the round. Phillips came forward, looked to get on the inside, and threw power shots with some success. Phillips went down at 1:40 of the opening round from a slip. Quartey continued to land at a high percentage in Round 2 and peppered Phillips at times with clean shots. Philips, who threw nearly 250 punches through the first two rounds, landed a few power shots in the round as well and closed with a pair of nice right hands. By the end of Round 2, Phillips had developed slight swelling under his right eye. The two continued to trade in Round 3, before a pair of right hands at 1:55 sent Phillips stumbling backward. Quartey chased a retreating Phillips around the ring and threw shots to the head. A combination to the head sent Phillips down across the middle rope at 2:13. He got to his feet at the count of six and despite still being badly staggered was allowed to continue. Quartey came forward and landed a big right hand followed by two more. At this, the referee stepped in and waved an end to the bout with Phillips unable to defend himself and ready to go down for the second time.


  • "This is world-class back and forthing." - Larry Merchant in Round 2
  • "The guys is strong... My jab is a weapon and I used it to wear him down." Ike Quartey in the post-fight interview.
  • I want (Pernell) Whitaker now; Any time, any where, any place. I want (Felix) Trinidad, but I want Whitaker first to prove I am the best in the world." - Ike Quartey in the post-fight interview.