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Jack Powers was a Spokane, WA, USA-based promoter. He began promoting in Spokane in January 1948, teaming up with matchmaker Chuck Haines. He also was the manager of Tiger Jack Fox after he was barred from Washington in 1948, helping him land fights in Western Canada, Idaho, and Alaska.

According to the Dec. 20, 1947 Tacoma News Tribune, Powers had just been newly-licensed in Spokane. His reported partner was William Muehle, who sold his share in the spring of 1948. Powers had bought the equipment of the former Victory Boxing Club. Formerly he had been a matchmaker at Sioux City, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska.

Powers was very succesful from the start in Spokane, no doubt benefiting from the farewell tour of the retiring Fox, Spokane's greatest draw. He also was able to develop Joey Velez from a prelim fighter, to a star attraction locally within a very short time frame. By the summer of 1948, Spokane had likely surpassed Portland and Seattle, to become the Pacific Northwest's top grossing fight town. Powers shows were bringing in 3,000 to 3,500 fans, even if the headliners were both out-of-towners. When Joey Velez fought he would sell out indoors at the Spokane Armory (4,000 fans), and would draw around 5,000 fans outdoors at Ferris Field in the summer of 1948.

In March 1949, Powers partnered up with Chuck Haines again, and began co-promoting with him in Spokane. However, their partnership didn't last long, and Powers gave up promoting in July 1949. Powers' matches had been criticized by local fans and the press, for their over reliance on Featherweight and Lightweight boxers, which had caused a decline in attendance.

Powers would return to promoting in Spokane again in 1951, and would develop Bobby Woods on his way to becoming Spokane's top gate attraction through the early-to-mid 1950s.

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