Jack Reddick vs. Joe Edwards

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1924-07-30 : Jack Reddick beat Joe Edwards by KO in round 8 of 10

  • Location: Auditorium, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Canadian Light Heavyweight Title (2nd defense of Reddick)

The main bout did not provide much excitement as it was apparent from the opening gong that Reddick was the master of the situation. Edwards fought a game fight against his more rugged opponent, but his blows lacked the punishing effect contained in those delivered by the westerner, who wore his man down in the first two rounds, with right smashes to the body.

Reddick excelled in the infighting. During one of their exchanges, Edwards somersaulted through the ropes in the third round, a la Dempsey, landing on his shoulders. He was not seriously injured and the bout continued. Edwards was in a couching position and slipped over the second rope when Reddick pushed him away. This was a demonstration of Reddick's superior strength.

Edwards pleased the crowd with his gameness and fought back at the champion, who realized that he was up against a tough fighter, and did not get reckless. Edwards' retaliation consisted of rights and lefts to the face, but they did not affect Reddick, who stalked around his opponent seeking an opportunity to put over the knockout blow.

Edwards slowed up the exchanges by his eagerness to clinch when in trouble. He made Reddick miss frequently with his right uppercut, with which he was endeavoring to finish matters, and gave a splendid display of courage against superior odds. Edwards was almost out on his feet when the bell ended the sixth round, and evoked cheers from the crowd when in the seventh when he piled into Reddick with reckless abandon, while the latter punished him severely with his left jabs and right uppercuts.

Edwards' aggressiveness continued in the eighth round when finally Reddick caught him flush on the jaw with a right, and followed up his advantage with rights and lefts until Edwards was spreadeagled on the canvas with Referee Lou Marsh tolling off the count.

Edwards was severely punished, both his eyes being nearly closed. Reddick was not marked and seemed quite fresh at the finish.

Source: "Reddick Knocks Out Joe Edwards In Eighth Round" (1924, July 31) The Winnipeg Free Press. p. 17

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