Jack Reddick vs. Joe Miske

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1925-06-04 : Jack Reddick beat Joe Miske by KO in round 3 of 0

  • Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

On June 30th, 1925, Reddick's brother and matchmaker at the time, Robert Runner, was convicted of conspiracy to defraud the public by staging this fight and was sentenced to two years in jail.

Runner and co-promoter Jack Bennie, announced Reddick would meet Del Fontaine in a rematch of their draw in May. When he was unable to secure Fontaine, Runner claimed and announced to those in attendance that Joe Miske was Fontaine.

Also, Runner was alleged to have told Miske just before he entered the ring to "do as he was told" and Miske did not make an attempt to fight, but instead "laid down" twice and was counted out. The evidence indicated the alleged knockout blow was not a valid knockout punch and the fight as a whole was a fake.

When Runner was arrested, he was alleged to have told the officer, "What in the hell do you fellows want? Any ham and egg fight is good enough for Swift Current."


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