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Name: James Hughes
Alias: Jesse James / The Outlaw
Birth Name: James Melvin Hughes
Born: 1965-10-20
Died: 1995-07-25 (Age:29)
Hometown: Mobile, Alabama, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Boxing Record: click

From the Cyber Boxing Zone: [1]


Boxing lost one of its most exciting warriors this past month when lovable outlaw, "Jesse" James Hughes was found face down in a swamp near his home in Mobile,Alabama. James, the victim of apparent foul-play, seemed to be finally coming into his own in the sweet-science. 1995 saw Hughes capture the USBA welterweight championship belt, and after a recent bout was calling out champs Pernell Whittaker and Felix Trinidad (two very ambitious under takings to be sure), and there were talks of a PPV match with Yori Boy - Campas. James will not be remembered as a slick boxer like Whittaker or Roy Jones, nor will he be remembered as a bomber like Yori-Boy or Trinidad. He was however, one of the most exciting, gritty, tough-as-nails, S.O.B.'s I've ever seen step into the squared-circle. He was the type of fighter that didn't seem to mind taking 10 (or more) shots from an opponent to get one or two of his in. He also seemed to have an almost uncanny ability to get hit with any and all punches thrown anywhere near him. I've seen him getting battered and bloodied all over a ring by boxers of marginal ability and boxers of championship caliber alike, and I'd never count him out of a fight with either, till the fat lady was singing -- Jesse James was winging!

Jesse's nickname "outlaw", was more than just a promotional tool or gimmick. Hughes earned this dubious honor outside the ring with a few brushes with the law and served a couple of stretches in the slammer. But as Hughes boxing career was looking up, so too his personal life seemed to be settling down to an even keel.

James will be missed not only by his family and friends, but also by anyone one who enjoys a great brawl of a boxing match. I feel a little sad lately when I see a good brawl on USA or ESPN, thinking of Jesse James Hughes. I hope he is in a better place now and at peace. Jesse, thank you for the hours of enjoyment your times in the ring have brought me.