James J. Jeffries vs. Jack Finnegan

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1900-04-06 : James J. Jeffries 240 lbs beat John Finnegan 180 lbs by KO at 0:55 in round 1 of 10

  • Location: Cadillac A.C., Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Referee: George Siler
  • World Heavyweight Title
  • This was the shortest world heavyweight title fight ever.
  • Finnegan, referred to by one paper as "The Human Punching Bag," was one of Jeffries's sparring partners at the time.

"Finnegan landed the first blow as they came to the center of the ring, and Jeffries then put his left on the Pittsburgh man's jaw and he went to the floor. Finnegan came up in a few seconds only to be sent to the floor again with a blow in the same place. He stayed down longer this time and when he again rose he was in visible distress. He had hardly assumed a fighting position before the champion put his left in the pit of his stomach and Finnegan went down completely out. Referee Siler counted the seconds off and when he stepped back it was seen that Finnegan was crying. He staggered to his feet, reeled against the ropes and his seconds rushed into the ring and carried him to his corner. It was several minutes before he recovered sufficiently to leave the ring. Jeffries said he weighed 220, but he looked 30 pounds heavier. Finnegan weighed but 180, and he looked like a boy beside the champion." Brooklyn Daily Eagle