James J. Jeffries vs. James J. Corbett (2nd meeting)

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1903-08-14 : James J. Corbett 183 lbs lost to James J. Jeffries 210 lbs by TKO in round 10 of 20

  • Location: Mechanic's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Referee: Eddie Graney
  • Jeffries fought without bandages on his hands.
  • Jeffries' left glove tore at the thumb in the fourth round, but the glove was not replaced until the end of the round, and this only at the insistence of the police constable on duty. Corbett seemed to benefit from the additional rest.
  • Corbett's seconds administered oxygen to him after each round.
  • Gate receipts amounted to $62,340 USD. The fighters agreed to divide 70% of the gate, with 75% going to the winner and 25% to the loser.
  • The ring was 24-foot square.

"James J. Jeffries, champion heavyweight of the world, played with Jim Corbett for nine rounds and a half tonight and then Corbett's seconds motioned Referee Graney to stop the fight in order to save their man from needless punishment. The end came shortly after the beginning of the tenth round, when Jeffries planted one of his terrific left swings on Corbett's stomach. The man who conquered John L. Sullivan then dropped to the floor in agony, and the memorable scene at Carson City, when Bob Fitzsimmons landed his solar plexus blow, was almost duplicated. This time, however, Corbett struggled to his feet and again faced his gigantic adversary. With hardly a moment's hesitation, Jeffries swung his right and again landed on Corbett's stomach. Jim dropped to the floor, and then it was that Tommy Ryan, seeing that it was all over, motioned to Referee Graney to stop the punishment."
Baltimore Morning Herald - August 15, 1903