Jean-Francois Bergeron vs. Robert Hawkins

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2007-06-15 : Jean Francois Bergeron 216¾ lbs beat Robert Hawkins 241¾ lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • NABA Heavyweight Title (1st defense of Bergeron)
  • Weights: Bergeron 216.75 lbs, Hawkins 241.75 lbs


  • Hawkins aggressively went to the body, getting in straight rights and left hooks – he hardly landed to the head. Bergeron attempted to walk Hawkins into counters, but the veteran proved to be difficult to hit cleanly. Bergeron had more success with his counters in the second half as Hawkins tired and got sloppy.
  • From the third round on, Hawkins was repeadtedly hit with counters to the head.
  • While Bergeron clearly, and easily, won the fight, the crowd appeared upset that he didn't go for the knockout and many booed the local fighter.

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# 20
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