Jerzy Rybicki

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Jerzy Rybicki (born June 6, 1953 in Warsaw) is a retired boxer from Poland, who represented his native country at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada. There he won the gold medal in the light middleweight division (– 71 kg), after having defeated Yugoslavia's Tadija Kačar in the final.

Four years later, when Moscow hosted the Games, Rybicki captured the bronze medal in the middleweight category (– 75 kg). The same he did in 1978 at the second World Championships in Belgrade.

Olympic Results

1976 (as a Light middleweight)

1980 (as a middleweight)

World amateur championships results

1974 (as a Light middleweight)

1978 (as a Light middleweight)


This article borrows from Wikipedia's article on Rybicki: [1] (Accessed: November 6, 2006)