Jim Braddock vs. Corn Griffin

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1934-06-14 : Jim Braddock 180 lbs beat Corn Griffin 184½ lbs by TKO at 2:37 in round 3 of 5

Braddock smashes Griffin with a right hand
  • Braddock took this fight with a two days notice and a purse of 250 dollars.
  • Griffin floored Braddock in the 2nd round with a right hand behind Braddock's ear. After Braddock got up Griffin charged in trying to force the stoppage but Braddock instead countered Griffin with a strong right cross and dropped Griffin heavily to the canvas. Griffin barely beat the count but never recovered. The rest of the round Braddock kept countering Griffin's left hooks with right hands but Griffin survived the round.
  • In the 3rd round after 2:37 of pounding and countering the referee stopped the fight and Braddock managed to overcome the 5-to-1 odds as this supposed to be only a tune-up fight for a young heavyweight hope John 'Corn' Griffin against a "washed-up, old fighter".
  • After the fight Braddock told his manager, Joe Gould: "I did that on hash, Joe. Wait till you see what I can do on steak."

Source: Cinderella Man: James Braddock, Max Baer, and the Greatest Upset in Boxing History, by Jeremy Schaap.

Newspaper Articles

  • Braddock Fought Best as Odds Favored Foes, The Milwaukee Journal, June 20, 1935 [1]
  • Quits Docks To Win Three Great Fights: Half Starved, Braddock Battles His Way To Scrap With Baer, by Harry Grayson, Sports Editor, NEA Service, June 5, 1935 [2]