Jim Watt vs. Sean O'Grady

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1980-11-01 : Sean O'Grady 133 lbs lost to Jim Watt 135 lbs by TKO at 2:37 in round 12 of 15

In this internationally televised title bout from Glascow, Scotland, Lightweight Champion Jim Watt defended his title against rising Sean O'Grady. This was the first title shot for O'Grady, and his inexperience showed the entire bout. Watt's jabs and power punches created eye cuts on O'Grady, who fought back well but whose corner spent the majority of the bout working feverishly on the cuts. Despite frequent combinations and body shots by both fighters, by holding and 'mixing heads' in clinches Watt did everything possible to make this a downright bloody affair, and got away with as much as he could in his hometown arena. In the end, O'Grady was bleeding badly, and the referee had to stop this fight in the twelfth round.

"Scotland's Jim Watt, whose most effective weapon became a head butt, stopped American challenger Sean O'Grady in 12 rounds Saturday to retain his WBC world lightweight title. French referee Raymond Balderouy halted the scheduled 15 round fight at 2:37 of the 12th round because of a bloody gash on O'Grady's forehead which was caused by a butt in the 10th round. O'Grady seemed to be adding to his list of 65 inside-the-distance victories when he opened up a bad cut on the side of Watt's left eye with a powerful left hook. Doctor James Shea inspected the injury and gave Watt his lifeline with his decision to continue. In addition, Watt had a constantly bleeding nose and small cuts over his left and right eyes. After clashing heads with Watt, O'Grady backed into his corner and complained to Balderouy as the blood began flowing down his face. While arguing, O'Grady made the mistake of turning his head and Watt raced in to land three stiff punches to the challenger's face as the bell sounded. The blood continued to pour down O'Grady's face through the next two rounds and the ring physician was called in to check on the cut on two occasions. O'Grady was allowed to continue, however, until the referee stopped the bout when the challenger from Oklahoma City was virtually blinded by his own blood." -United Press International

  • Irking the religious tensions in Glasgow by posing with the Catholic Glasgow Celtic soccer club rather than the Protestant Glasgow Rangers soccer club, while promoting the fight, the O'Grady camp began receiving death threats from a Protestant extremist group leading up to the bout.

Post fight comments

  • "The butt was unfortunate but I don't think it was deliberate. We are not going to squeal. We got a fair crack of the whip. As soon as Sean's wounds heal, we would like a return to settle it once and for all." -Pat O'Grady, Sean's father and manager
  • "If I don't see Mr. and Mrs. O'Grady again it won't worry me at all. Their behavior was impossible. It seemed to me that they wanted to create irritation and controversy." -Promoter Mickey Duff
  • "I had my stitches done first and then went to see him. He was very gracious, everything he said was nice." -Jim Watt, upon meeting up with O'Grady in the same hospital for treatment.