Joe Frazier vs. Jimmy Ellis

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Frazier floors Ellis for the second time in the fourth round

1970-02-16 : Joe Frazier 205 lbs beat Jimmy Ellis 201 lbs by RTD in round 4 of 15

Hooked And Smoked Out
Sports Illustrated, February 23, 1970

Joe Frazier fought precisely as he said he would—"I'll come out smokin' "—and, in the end, there was nothing Jimmy Ellis could do about it. For the first round and part of the second, Ellis was able to maneuver for the distance he needed for his sharp punches. After that Frazier—flailing away with left hooks and looping rights—denied him distance and any respite. The lefts were more effective. They knocked Ellis down early in the fourth round, and he barely got up at nine. Another hook put him down again, and though he again was up at nine—this time after the bell sounded—he could not come out for the fifth round. If Frazier fought his fight, so did Ellis, and there could hardly be any doubt that the Philadelphian was the superior fighter. Frazier thus retains the championship he claimed for two years—of six states—and takes over the one awarded Ellis by the World Boxing Association. He is the champion now—except, perhaps, for Muhammad Ali. [1]